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Evil Genius Review (PC)

Game: Evil Genius

Platform: PC (Steam)

Note: This product was received for free

This game is quite old and the interface is not as nice as modern management games but it is still well done. If you don't mine older games that may not be as clean as newer ones this may be a game for you. With the second version of this game hopefully showing up later this year you may just want to wait for that as well. However, if you ever wanted to try and be an evil mastermind trying to take over the world this is the best game for it as of today.

I should note that the game is a bit formulaic and while you have plenty of wiggle room it is possible to really mess up your game by taking too long to get the main quest objectives completed or moving to high on the notoriety track before you have an organization that can handle the challenges that unlock.

Rating: 8/10

The Good:

  • Really fun to play a sandbox game as a James Bond villain.
  • Graphics look good.
  • Can be played in widescreen.
  • Fun basement manager gameplay.

The Bad:

  • At times tasks can be quite repetitive.
  • No sandbox mode.
  • Weird NPC bugs.