Who is Superhero Gear? Why Should I Care?

A lot of you are probably wondering who we are, what we're about and why we established this brand. If you haven't already skimmed through our "About Us" section for a brief introduction about us, that's okay because you're in good hands. In today's blog we will answer these key questions that pertain to our brand.

But first of all, let me take this opportunity to thank you for putting trust into our brand or eager to learn more about it by either reading this, browsing through our website, and/or subscribing to our newsletter -- it means a lot to us. I'm sure thoughts are flooding through your head as to why you would actually subscribe to a newsletter from a brand you barely know, and this is a fair and logical question. 

So who are we?

Superhero Gear is a brand for men and women that specialises Gaming and Superhero apparel. We strive for a rather minimalist approach in our items because we understand that "less is more". We were established in late April/early May of 2017, and did so because we felt that people wanted cool merchandise that also looks good. On top of that, we realized that not many websites give you best of both worlds. Thus, we decided to start and capitalize on this opportunity.

Why should I care?

In all honesty, you don't need to. We understand that the competition is undeniably fierce and the market for Gaming and Superhero apparel is oversaturated. However, we are one of the only brands that exclusively provide gaming apparel and accessories, enabling you, as a a consumer, to browse in one single platform as opposed to several during your online shopping. Thus, as our website title suggests, Superhero Gear is a one stop shop to your gaming needs. 

Superhero Gear is growing slowly but surely along with our community, and I hope you, the reader/consumer will be part of this growth. Take care.



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