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Baseus Magnetic Macbook USB-C Adaptor

Baseus Magnetic Macbook USB-C Adaptor

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Baseus Magnetic Macbook USB-C Adaptor

Since 2016, the MacBook and MacBook Pro is fully equipped with usb-c and Thunderbolt 3. This is a universal port, allows you to charge at the same time, the transfer of data and video. But what they won in versatility, they have lost in practicality. Magnetic Exit the MagSafe Charger and the connector, replaced by a usb-c Charger. Using the MagSafe Charger Magnetic Baseus, you will be able to find the convenience of the adapter. 

This charging adaptor is divided into two parts: a connector that plugs into one of the ports usb-c Mac. The other connector, which magnetically connect your charging cable connects in the first. In addition to your usb-c port is protected against dust, but you can plug your charger, quick and convenient. In addition, you no longer risk damage to the port usb-c or even your Mac if you take trips on the cable. This adapter is compatible with most of the devices usb-c and for charging up to 34 W, so you can just use it to charge your MacBook Pro 15 Touch Bar.

Baseus Magnetic Macbook USB-C Adaptor

  • Magnetic dock connection usb-c
  • Compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro usb-c/Thunderbolt 3
  • Compatible with most phones usb-c
  • Charge up to 34 W
  • Output power: 5 V/2.4 A - 9 V/3 A - 20 V/4.3 A (Max)
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Due to high demand shipping may take 2-4 weeks in extreme cases.

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    Baseus Magnetic Macbook USB-C Adaptor

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    Baseus Magnetic Macbook USB-C Adaptor